Screw, also known as Bolt, is a type of fastener characterized in helical shape. There are two types of them, which are external thread and internal thread respectively. The former are designed to be wrapped around a cylinder while the latter are designed to mate with a complementary thread. The most common uses of screws are to fix objects on a designated position and to hold objects together tightly.

I-Beam, also known as H-Beam, is commonly made of structural steel and is available in a variety of standard sizes. They are widely utilized in construction industry with the major use to prop up the tower crane.
Wire Rope

Wire Rope is laid by several stands of metal wire into a helix. Compared with other metal, steel are more common to be used to produce wire ropes.
Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane is a rubber-wheeled crane vehicle. Ease of transportation and flexibility in handling load are its greatest advantages. Therefore, mobile cranes are widely used in construction industry. For example, they can be operated in carrying different types of load, erecting and dismantling of tower cranes.

Capacitor is a device for storing electric charge. The main purpose of it is to smooth the output of power supplies by blocking direct current and allowing alternating current to pass in electronic circuits.
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